Surgeries: In addition to spays and neuters, Dr. McInnis regularly performs a variety of surgical procedures, including soft tissue surgeries, ophthalmic surgeries, and some orthopedics. Surgeries are performed using gas anesthesia. Our surgery suite runs on a separate ventilation system to avoid contamination. Your pet’s heart and respiration rates, oxygen levels, and temperature will be continuously monitored during the procedure. It may also be necessary to administer IV fluids to keep your pet hydrated and to help clear anesthesia once the procedure is finished. A staff member will be with your pet until they have fully recovered and will periodically check on your loved one throughout the day. Your pet will also be given an afternoon snack. Feel free to bring along a favorite item of your pet’s, such as a toy or blankie.

Dental cleanings: Just like with humans, a buildup of dental tartar can lead to more serious problems, from dental extractions to heart disease. Dental cleanings should be performed regularly to remove this buildup and avoid complications that can lead to discomfort for your pet. A trained technician will perform this procedure, with Dr. McInnis close at hand. Dental x-rays can be performed prior to the procedure to assess problem areas that may need more attention. Dr. McInnis performs basic and major extractions. As with other surgeries, your pet’s vitals will be monitored continuously, and IV fluids may be administered.