In-house lab work: Our in-house lab includes IDEXX equipment to check blood chemistry, electrolytes and complete blood counts. We also have a SNAP reader to check thyroid levels. We have a high-powered microscope to read the cytology of skin samples, as well as samples taken from growths and tumors. We also use IDEXX laboratories for confirmations of abnormal results.

Radiology: X-rays can be performed while you wait, or you may drop off your pet for this procedure. We also have a dental x-ray unit. Dr. McInnis also performs ultrasounds for a variety of reasons, including pregnancy checks and to survey internal organs.

Blood pressure monitoring and EKG: Blood pressure and EKG monitors are continuously employed during surgical procedures, but our equipment can also be used to check your pet’s heart during an examination.

Tonometry: For pets with eye problems, our Tonopen is used to check eye pressures for such problems as glaucoma.